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Sunchi Integrated Farms Limited

This is the official homepage of Sunchi Integrated Farms Ltd, a Nigerian owned Agri-business industry player offering Business for Business support for fellow Agri-business practitioners operating majorly in LIVESTOCK FARMING and primarily in Poultry Farming. Sunchi Integrated Farms offers key services such as but not limited to:

  • Livestock Rearing(Broiler, Breeder, Fish Fingerlings & Juveniles)
  • Hatchery Development (Day Old Chicks)
  • Processed Fish & Chicken products
  • Fish & Poultry Feed Milling/Food Processing and;
  • Soya Oil Refining


Sunchi Integrated Farms offers Agri-business support to livestock farmers majorly in Fish & Poultry sectors. From our technology driven farming facilities, we raise broilers for sale to commercial entities, firms operating within the agriculture value chain and also to the consumer. Our poultry offer also includes breeder stock production which provides the parent stock used for our Broiler component. We also supply the Fishery sector with fish in various growth stages of fingerlings and juveniles for commercial rearing to catfish for consumption.

sunchi poultry
sunchi catfish


We pride ourselves as a high-end, go-to source and independent producer of broiler hatching eggs, south of the Niger; delivering offer a wide variety of excellent hatching poultry egg stock, including the most desired breeds in the broiler industry. Broiler stock can be chosen for specific qualities; day-to-market weight, feed conversion, yield, or best overall performance to fit customer's needs.

sunchi hatchery
sunchi oil

Soy Oil

Our Soya manufacturing plant at Sunchi Integrated Farms has a state of the art extraction unit capacity to deliver tons per day and is all geared up to meet the burgeoning demand of the market. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of cooking methods, including frying, baking, and roasting.

Our HiPro Soybean meal has the most condensed amount of protein available, which has high demand in the market. Plus, it’s been linked to several health benefits, especially when it comes to your heart, skin, and bones. Our contribution to the processed consumer foods market is the Sunchi Soya Oil brand.


The Sunchi Feed Mill at Sunchi Integrated Farms current produce poultry feeds with an installed capacity of 44 tons daily at 22 tons. The Feed Mill serves dual purposes of producing for both our breeder farms and commercial purposes. Variety of feed for breeders include; Breeder Starter Mash, Breeder Grower Mash and Breeder Layer Mash. For commercial feeds, we produce Chick Mash, Pre Starter, Broiler Starter, Broiler Finisher, Pre Layer Mash, Grower Mash and Layer Mash. Our long term plan is to diversify into the production of fish and other animal feeds.

sunchi feeds